Effective March 15, 2020, we are closing the church building to all activities through March 28, due to the restrictions on COVID-19 that have been extended to include Bucks County. 

Sunday School, Youth Club, all meetings, Boy Scouts and Recovery Group meetings will not be held. There will be GoToMeeting Sunday School and Youth Club sessions. 

We are currently holding DRIVE IN STYLE worship services. If you can't make it out to the church, you can still view on YouTube or the home page of this website within a few days of the actual service.  Communion Sundays (first Sunday of the month) please bring bread and juice so you may partake of the Lords Supper in your car.


5918 Emilie Road

Levittown PA 19057

Church Office: 215-945-8550 Child Care Office: 215-945-6551 firstpresby7@comcast.net 

​Drive In Service station 106.3

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Important announcements re: COVID-19

First Presbyterian Church of Levittown, PA

Though we are not prone to overreaction, we believe we should comply with the request made by our governmental officials to practice a period of social distancing. It is simply the right thing to do – right both for medical, but also for spiritual reasons.

We must never lose sight of the fact that while the Christian path is about our own individual spiritual growth, it is never only just about that. And so while it would be easy for us to say that there is no need to cancel corporate Worship, or take any other measures recommended by medical experts and scientists, because the virus has not directly affected any of us, it would not be the most faithful thing to do.

The early Christian leader Paul tells the Christian community in Corinth during a time of great stress not to lose heart because their struggles will not last, in that time of struggle is an opportunity for them to grow closer to being the kind of spiritual community that God calls them to be. Let us do the same – for each other and for the common good.  

We want to keep in regular contact with members of our congregation who live alone, or who have health issues which make them particularly vulnerable to the virus.  If you would be willing to call a few friends to check on their well-being that would be a great help.  If you are in need of pastoral visits or other assistance from our Deacons or Elders or if you are able to help us reach out to our members please contact the church office by phone, email, Contact Us section on our website or message via our FB Page 

Drive In Church Details:

 The church building is closed. You may not enter the building unless you have a scheduled meeting or have made arrangements with the church office.
 Parking is alternate space parking. Please park in the space you are directed to park in by the ushers.
 Once you are in your parking spot please turn off your vehicle and engage your car’s battery so that you can still hear your radio.
 Tune your radio to station 106.7 FM
 Please hold your offering until the end of the service. We will collect at the parking lot exit after the service.
 Please refrain from smoking in your vehicle.
 When the service has concluded you will be directed to leave by the ushers.
 Personal prayer requests can be sent to the church office via the Prayer Form on the Home Page or called in to the church office at 215-945-8550. All prayer requests are strictly confidential.

​​​​​​​​​​Sunday Services


10:30 am in our parking lot.

See below for more info.

Church office: 215 945-8550
Email: firstpresby7@comcast.net
Website: http://www.firstpreslev.org/ 
Facebook: @FirstPresLevittownPA

Drive In Service station FM 106.7